Nothing Will Change Unless You Change

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If we want to change your life, it all starts with ourselves. We have to look deep into ourselves and find the courage to want to change. We have to find the courage to want to be better. We have to find the courage to want to be the best version of ourselves. It’s not easy. It’s not always going to be easy. But it will be worth it.

The importance of self-reflection

There’s a great quote by Ken Wilber that I think applies to this blog. He talks about a long road to change. “…despite an objective history, it’s still a long road to change, despite all the accounts, we live in a subjective moment that happens to be a long way from the original perspective.” He goes on to explain this further: “Change does not happen on a straight line. It takes a lot of step-wise movement before the final growth occurs. We may be aware of a strong need for change, but that doesn’t mean we can recognize it as the need for change. What are we looking for? Who is looking for what we want to have happen? And once we recognize the need for change, what’s the appropriate pathway? We can’t expect change to happen if we’re not prepared to make the appropriate changes.

There is no magic pill

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You have to own your weaknesses and your strengths. You have to be willing to face the truth of who you are. You can’t change someone else, You can only change yourself. Find the time to reflect on who you are who you want to be and what you’re willing to do to get there. … Take the first step.

Finding the courage to want to change

Ask yourself: Where is my life going? Where do I want my life to go? There are countless ways to accomplish this. You can then ask yourself questions like: Where do I want to be in five years? Where do I want my life to be in three years? Where do I want my life to be in one year? Maybe you want to go back to school, or start a new career, or start learning a new skill. Maybe you want to change relationships with friends or loved ones. Maybe you want to start a new hobby or to get out and do some travelling. Or maybe you just want to sit down with your spouse and talk about how you want to spend the rest of your life.


The bottom line here is that making some small changes in your life could make a huge difference for you in the long run. And it will give you that confidence boost that you need. But it’s going to require a bit of effort and a bit of risk. Start today and in the new year. Make a few small changes that you can keep up with. Make a few small changes that you can sustain. And then make a few more. Make a few small changes today that make a huge difference in the future.




Principles. Practices. Purpose.

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Tejas Rao

Tejas Rao

Principles. Practices. Purpose.

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